Quantum-Safe Executive Workshops

Executive briefing on quantum computing threats by world-renowned experts.

Quantum-Safe Executive Workshop is pivotal for understanding the risks posed by quantum computing
What is the quantum threat and why act now?

While the technology race has started to find useful and practical applications for quantum computing, in contrast there is a growing concern about the risk posed by quantum computing to cybersecurity and the potential for fraud and business instability.

High-level risk mitigation and planning

Identify the specific systems and data that are most vulnerable to quantum threats, prioritize efforts to enhance cybersecurity measures, and develop a plan to protect against future quantum attacks.

How to organize cryptographic inventories and plan migrations

New post-quantum cryptography standards are expected to soon be released and the next large scale cybersecurity migration will soon start. Explore methods and techniques for finding and fixing legacy cybersecurity systems that are vulnerable to quantum threats.

Quantum computing

Quantum Computing Threats - Separating Facts from Fiction

Quantum computing is a prevalent topic within technology news that is gaining momentum and critical mass. Often technology leaders find it difficult separate fact from fiction, but still need to answer questions from their C-level executive suite with regards to the impact on the business at large.

Sample agenda - executive briefing tailored for your business leaders

evolutionQ will tailor executive briefings for your leadership team. Some popular topics that we are frequently asked to cover include:

  1. Rationale as to what the quantum threat is and why act now.
  2. Interactive discussions of current high-level risk mitigation and migration planning.
  3. Guidance on how to organize and execute inventories of cryptography assets across infrastructure, systems and applications.
  4. Data points to collect over time to help prioritize immediate concerns over long-term nice-to-haves.
  5. Guidance on approaches to vendor discussions.                              

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