Future-proof your security with MultimodalKES, the long-term security solution against classical and quantum threats.

Future-proof protection from quantum and other threats

Today’s public-key cryptography is vulnerable to multiple threats, including those posed by quantum computers. Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms will be one tool to address these challenges, but risks remain (e.g., solution maturity, side-channel resistance, new attacks on algorithms, etc.), threatening long-term security (LTS) and resilience of digital systems. Organizations need new cryptographic methods that protect against current and future threats and are long-term secure. To address this, evolutionQ has pioneered a unique Multimodal Key Establishment System (KES). This multi-layered approach combines secrets from multiple cryptographic primitives or modes to derive an end-to-end (E2E) key that is stronger and more resilient than the sum of its parts.

Strong computational security

even if all asymmetric cryptography used in their generation is broken.

Forward secrecy

which ensures past communications are protected by strong computational security even if long-term keys are compromised in the future.

Post-compromise security

ensures subsequent messages remain computationally secure even after long-term keys have been compromised.

Identity theft protection

even if the infrastructure components have been broken.

evolutionQ Defense-in-Depth with Resilient-by-Design Multimodal

Achieve Defense-in-Depth with Resilient-by-Design MultimodalKES

With MultimodalKES, encryption keys are based on secrets from two input shares. The first share combines a PQC and current asymmetric key exchange, and the second share leverages a shared secret that is securely delivered once during initialization.

With MultimodalKES, Key Distribution Hubs (KDHs) connect to create a Key Delivery Network (KDN). After enrollment with a KDH, an endpoint can connect to the KDN to obtain pre-key data for a given destination endpoint. This pre-key data can be cached, and the enclosed strong secrets can be used later by the endpoints to establish secure long-term keys with each other without needing to reconnect to the KDN.

Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and QKD networks

We understand the importance of compatibility and ease of integration with existing systems. MultimodalKES is designed to seamlessly integrate into your current infrastructure, minimizing disruption while maximizing security. We work closely with organizations to tailor solutions that meet specific requirements, optimizing security and efficiency for superior performance, and providing ongoing support and maintenance. The system scales for widespread implementation and can be easily upgraded to work with quantum key distribution (QKD) devices and networks. MultimodalKES resolves “last-mile” challenges for QKD networks by extending their range and increasing key availability.

evolutionQ QKD networks
evolutionQ Long-Term Security (LTS)

Who requires Long-Term Security (LTS)?

The rapidly advancing development of cryptographically-relevant quantum computers means that any organization possessing sensitive data with long-term value should invest in LTS. MultimodalKES ensures the long-term, cost-effective protection of data in transit. Organizations whose core business call for the security and resilience enabled by MultimodalKES include those that:

  • Protect highly confidential information and trade secrets (e.g., military, government, pharma, legal, financial sectors, etc.)
  • Store personally identifiable information (PII) 
  • Require strict regulatory compliance (e.g., banks, healthcare, insurance, etc.)
  • Connect with long-lived field devices (e.g., smart meters, last-mile equipment, automobiles, etc.)


The long-term security solution for classical and quantum threats.