Simulate a QKD network in the cloud - no QKD devices required.

Simulate a QKD Network

BasejumpSIM can simulate a quantum delivery network in software including QKD devices running over fiber and QKD satellite links. Different network topologies, QKD link segments and network traffic scenarios can be modelled in the cloud so as to approximate how an actual QKD network might behave in a real operational environment. BasejumpSIM users can answer the question “How do I make my network run better, faster or at a higher capacity?” by modelling their network in a cloud environment that is easier and more cost effective than trying to use actual QKD devices during their planning steps.

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Quantum-safe communications

Will QKD work with my applications?

BasejumpSIM supports an ETSI v014 compliant REST interface, through which user applications can obtain keys. Most QKD-capable devices and key management systems adhere to the REST API. Customers can test their applications against BasejumpSIM to ensure that they are capable of obtaining QKD keys and use them for Quantum-safe communications.

Experimenting with QKD

Interested in discovering what happens to your IT environment when QKD devices slow down or fail? A Quantum Delivery Network can ensure that production environments remain functional, even when new QKD key material is not being produced. This allows networking professionals to best determine what network topologies to deploy to ensure for redundant network operations that are resiliant to failures at the physical QKD layer of the network. BasejumpSIM allows customers to experiment with these potential scenarios.

Quantum Delivery Network

Meet BasejumpQDN

evolutionQ BasejumpQDN is a Quantum Delivery Network (QDN) software that works with current high-speed networks to integrate quantum-safe technologies, such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), to protect networks from quantum threats.

Rapidly Create a Demonstration Quantum Delivery Network

BasejumpQDN allows a quantum-safe demonstration network to be built very quickly using an organization's existing QKD devices, or by simulating QKD links virtually. This allows an organization to experiment with quantum-safe networks focusing on application use-cases and avoid expensive capital costs of purchasing QKD devices up-front until they have completed an internal business case and are ready to move to a fully operational quantum-safe network.

Optimize QKD Fibre, Satellite and Modern High-Speed Networks

BasejumpQDN enables organizations to overcome the difficulties and limitations normally associated with QKD networks. A quantum link is limited to a few hundred kilometers over optical fiber. BasejumpQDN sets up trusted nodes between quantum links that permits a network to grow and expand beyond these distance limitations. Organizations that want to extend their quantum network even further using QKD satellite technologies can install BasejumpQDN to help seamlessly integrate their land-based fiber networks with a QKD service provider and simplify the task of managing a sprawling quantum network.

Avoid QKD Device Vendor Lock-in

BasejumpQDN helps organizations grow their quantum-safe network capabilities over time, ensuring that new innovations and cost-reductions in the QKD device market can be incorporated into their IT environment as the quantum-safe networking market rapidly matures.



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Simulate a QKD network in the cloud - no QKD devices required.