Quantum-Safe Cyber Security

Prepare for the Quantum Age.

Quantum-Safe Cyber Security
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Most companies are not prepared for advanced cyber threats

evolutionQ has a world class team of quantum-safe cybersecurity pioneers. Our solutions help customers to build a network that is protected from attacks by quantum computers.  Building a quantum-safe network can be complex and expensive.

Our BasejumpSIM product can be used by customers at the start of their quantum-safe journey to build simulations and pilots more affordably. Once the customer has learned how they can best benefit from a quantum network, our BasejumpQDN software helps them transition to a fully operational quantum network that is secure, upgradable, and economically maintainable over the long term.

Know that quantum threats are real

Know that quantum threats are real

The emergence of quantum computing represents a new frontier for cyber attackers, as they will be able to exploit new vulnerabilities in traditional encryption methods that were previously thought to be secure. It is critical for businesses to act now to protect their valuable data and intellectual property by implementing quantum-safe cryptographic solutions to mitigate this risk.

What is Quantum?

Why quantum-safe? Why now?

Recent advances in quantum computing have significantly increased the risk of cyber threats for businesses that rely on traditional cryptographic systems. Quantum computers are capable of breaking many of the most commonly used cryptographic algorithms with ease, potentially rendering sensitive data and intellectual property vulnerable to theft or tampering. As quantum computing technology continues to evolve, so does the risk of quantum cyber attacks.

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What can you do now?

Secure your networks and data. Upgrade your systems to make your digital infrastructure quantum safe.

Protect your data, networks, and communications through a layered security approach, which encompasses a range of quantum-resistant solutions. Do not panic. However, do not procrastinate either. Migration to quantum-safe cryptography will prepare you for the future.

Plan and prepare to evolve your systems to post-quantum public-key cryptography and additionally shield yourself from the next unexpected break.

Why evolutionQ?

evolutionQ was founded to prepare organizations to meet the challenges of quantum computing.

We provide solutions to help customers avoid exposure to cataclysmic losses and risks posed by quantum computers or other code-breaking advances.

evolutionQ offers a comprehensive and customizable suite of quantum-safe security solutions that can be tailored to the unique needs of each client.

The BasejumpQDN suite of products is designed to provide robust protection against current and future threats posed by quantum computers. BasejumpQDN also supports a defence in depth strategy if there is a threat posed to the recent post quantum lattice-based, code-based, and hash-based algorithms.

In addition to technical expertise, evolutionQ has a strong commitment to customer service and support. We work closely with each client to ensure that their solutions are properly implemented and integrated into existing systems.  

About Us
“The stakes are too high to be unprepared, and that’s why we’re passionate about helping organizations protect their digital systems and safeguard against future attacks.”
Dr. Michele Mosca

Dr. Michele Mosca

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of evolutionQ

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