Integrate quantum-safe technologies with current high-speed networks to protect them from quantum and other threats.


Protecting against the quantum threat

With the rise of quantum computing, today’s key establishment methods will no longer be sufficient to protect the confidentiality of critical data. BasejumpQDN™ offers quantum-safe security via QKD, providing a level of protection against new cyber-attacks that traditional cryptography cannot. Unlike traditional cryptography methods, QKD harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics which enable messages between two parties that cannot be intercepted or copied without detection. The QKD protocol for establishing encryption keys cannot be broken by a computational attack, even by the most advanced computing power available today or in the future. BasejumpQDN enables layering QKD with PQC so two quantum-safe technologies protect concurrently.

BasejumpQDN - protection against the quantum threat

Optimize QKD Fibre, Satellite and Modern High-Speed Networks

BasejumpQDN enables organizations to overcome the difficulties and limitations normally associated with QKD networks. A quantum link is limited to a few hundred kilometres over optical fibre. BasejumpQDN sets up trusted nodes between quantum links that permit a network to grow and expand beyond these distance limitations by connecting satellite, free-space, and terrestrial networks. Organizations can install BasejumpQDN to help seamlessly integrate their land-based fibre networks with a QKD service provider and extend to a global scale by employing QKD satellite technologies, simplifying the task of managing a sprawling quantum network.

Avoid QKD Device Vendor Lock-in

BasejumpQDN helps organizations grow their quantum-safe network capabilities over time, ensuring that new innovations and cost-reductions in the QKD device market can be incorporated into their IT environment as the quantum-safe networking market rapidly matures. BasejumpQDN is built from a vendor-neutral standpoint, supporting QKD devices from multiple vendors. This avoids vendor lock-in and assures customers that they can easily switch QKD devices in and out of their network, and to safely and reliably integrate new and innovative QKD devices to their existing quantum network.

QKD Device

Routing keys intelligently

BasejumpQDN provides keys where and when they are needed and optimizes network availability. This ensures maximum reliability by mitigating network disruptions.

The BasejumpQDN dashboard offers network monitoring

Key usage by external applications

Virtual QKD key-swap throughput

QNL key-swap pool state

Keys available to external applications

Virtual QKD key-swap latency

Physical QKD buffered key levels

Easily experiment today with a risk-free demonstration

BasejumpQDN allows a quantum-safe demonstration network to be built very quickly using an organization's existing QKD devices, or by simulating QKD links virtually. This allows an organization to experiment with quantum-safe networks focusing on application use-cases and avoid expensive capital costs of purchasing QKD devices up-front until they have completed an internal business case and are ready to move to a fully operational quantum-safe network.

a software developer is presenting a quantum safe network


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