Quantum Roadmap & Strategy

Building a plan to address the quantum computing threat.

Quantum Roadmap and Strategy
Cybersecurity Tools
How to best use quantum-safe cybersecurity tools today

Advice on what tools and products are available in the market ranging from toolkits to build post-quantum cryptography into your software to cryptographic inventory tools to different types of quantum random number generators.

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Sensible migration steps to a quantum-safe posture

Migration time is a key component of any quantum-safe roadmap plan. Sometimes buy-vs-build considerations become more clear when threat timelines and business risk are considered as part of a migration plan.

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Planning an achievable quantum-safe migration at reasonable cost

Technology refresh cycles can be leveraged to introduce quantum-safe changes over time. Or leveraging a strong vendor partnership to ask for upgraded cybersecurity features may be a path to organic quantum-safe improvements. Leveraging these business advantages can drastically reduce migration times in a cost effective way.

Planning is key to avoid a chaotic quantum-safe migration

New PQC algorithms are not drop-in replacements. They have peculiarities that could cause challenges for organizations when attempting a sensible migration, especially for core or entrenched IT systems. The evolving frontier of QKD capabilities and limitations also need to be considered, including the speed of key generation, distance and interoperability. Planning pays dividends when it comes to discovering all of the potential pitfalls endemic with a large scale cybersecurity migration.

Quantum-safe strategic roadmap approach

Every organization has its unique applications, niche products and purpose-built networks. Each of these requires migration to a quantum-safe environment, and brings with it individual challenges. evolutionQ can provide tailor-made solutions and recommendations, enabling you to take advantage of the opportunity to build quantum-security into your inventory.

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Build your quantum strategy

Building a plan to address the quantum computing threat.