SandboxAQ Announces a Partnership with evolutionQ as part of its New Strategic Investment Program

SandboxAQ and evolutionQ announced an alliance to deliver robust quantum-safe cybersecurity products and SandboxAQ's participation in evolutionQ's Series A funding.

PALO ALTO, Calif. and KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON, Aug 2, 2022 - SandboxAQ, an enterprise SaaS company delivering the combined impact of AI and quantum technology (AQ), and evolutionQ, a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity company, today announced an alliance to deliver robust quantum-safe cybersecurity products to protect critical commercial and government data from quantum computer attacks. In addition, SandboxAQ announced its Strategic Investment Program and announced it has participated in evolutionQ's Series A funding - the first in a series of strategic investments for SandboxAQ in AI and quantum technology companies.

The alliance marks a significant collaboration between quantum-safe cybersecurity providers, offering their respective customers an integrated ecosystem of quantum-safe solutions and services. As part of the alliance, SandboxAQ will promote evolutionQ's BasejumpQDN, a software layer that manages and secures QKD delivery and optimizes QKD use for efficiency, adaptive network stability, and reduced latency. With this partnership, SandboxAQ benefits from cutting-edge research and talent emerging from the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing. Similarly, evolutionQ will integrate and distribute SandboxAQ's Security Suite and services and tap into the company's business, product and technical expertise.

"As quantum threats continue to evolve, the best way for large, global enterprises to protect their data, networks and communications is through a layered security approach encompassing a range of quantum-resistant solutions. Our alliance with evolutionQ will give our respective customers a well-orchestrated ecosystem of quantum-safe cybersecurity products," said Jack Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ. "Our investment in evolutionQ marks the first of a series of strategic investments we will be making to advance the AQ ecosystem."

Dr. Michele Mosca, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of evolutionQ, adds, "As commercial and government agencies begin re-evaluating their existing cryptography protocols and cybersecurity architectures, it makes sense for them to explore PQC and QKD technologies simultaneously. Our alliance with SandboxAQ enables us to offer complementary cybersecurity solutions to combat emerging quantum threats. We're excited to join forces with SandboxAQ and look forward to our close collaboration."

About SandboxAQ

SandboxAQ is an enterprise SaaS company providing solutions at the nexus of AI and Quantum technology (AQ) to address some of the world's most challenging problems. We leverage the power of classical computing architecture to deliver AQ solutions and technologies today - years before fault-tolerant, error-corrected quantum computers become available. Our core team and inspiration formed at Alphabet, and SandboxAQ emerged as an independent, venture-backed company in 2022. For more information, please visit To submit business plans for consideration, please email

About evolutionQ

evolutionQ is a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity company led by world-renowned quantum computing experts Dr. Michele Mosca and Dr. Norbert Lütkenhaus. With offices in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, and Aachen, Germany, evolutionQ delivers robust cybersecurity products designed to protect against quantum computers and offers quantum risk-management strategy and advisory services. For more information about evolutionQ and to view career opportunities, please visit: