1st QKD security analysis software revealed

20 May 2016

Norbert Lütkenhaus, evolutionQ co-founder, and his research group at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) have developed the first security analysis software available for quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols. Announced in the Nature Communications paper,  “Numerical approach for unstructured quantum key distribution” published on 20 May 2016, the fast and user-friendly program takes into account any amount of interception by an eavesdropper and calculates the minimum length of a secret key for any specified QKD protocol.

“The exploration of QKD protocols so far concentrated on protocols that allowed tricks to perform the security analysis. The work by our group now frees us to explore protocols that are adapted to the technological capabilities,” says Lütkenhaus of the groundbreaking development.

For more information, read the IQC announcement.


Image credit: Institute for Quantum Computing